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How does Expedition-Trophy 2006 differ from Expedition-Trophy 2005?

30.11.2005 16:00

In 2006 there are some differences, which will make the Trophy competition even more interesting:

  • The number of stages will be increased.
  • The route will include less use of highways.
  • The number of special trophy tasks (e.g. avoiding dead zones, collecting signatures from designated people in a district, photographing team and vehicle with obscure landmarks) will be increased.
  • Crews will be reduced from six to three persons (two men and a woman) to each vehicle.
  • The number of official rest sites will be increased to at least eight.
  • The First prize will remain the same 10 kilograms going to the first three-person crew to reach Vladivostok.
  • Two additional prizes will be established the Expedition prize for team displaying the best spirit of the competition as voted by all crews to finish the race, and a Culture Navigation prize, for the crew collecting the most photographs of their car and team with 1,500 designated places of interest between Murmansk and Vladivostok. Even those crews eliminated in the progressive stages of the race may opt to continue with the caravan and continue their participation in this aspect of the competition.
  • The crews will continue to function as two car teams after the first stage of the rally. But the last stage they go as individual crews, not teams (1 team = 2 crews).



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