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Open Letter to All the Participants of the Expedition Trophy Race

24.01.2006 12:50

With the beginning of the New Year we all started to feel time run faster. Now it is the moment to reveal a little what awaits you, participants, in the new adventure named Expedition Trophy 2006".

At our forum and during live conversations with former, present and potential participants of ET we hear accusations that we never open the details of what is ahead of those who accepted the challenge of Expedition. We get compared to Dakar and other speed-and-time competitions where all the rules become known months before the race begins. We are different and we like it.

Expedition Trophy is an adventure, and as any real adventure, it implies intrigue and unpredictable turns. Thats what happened last year, thats what will happen this year. Of course the race has regulations and a precise and detailed description of all the tasks at every stage of the race. But only before the very start of each stage the participants will learn what theyll have to face. Now our task is to tell you more about the new principles and conditions of Expedition Trophy 2006".

The basic principle of the competition remains the same Expedition Trophy 2006" is a team adventure. All the tasks at all stages, except for the final challenging point, will be given to a team, consisting of 2 crews. But unlike the previous race, now the crews will form into teams freely before every stage, after the results of the previous one get to be known.

There will be no reserve participants but the teams will be able to find a crew in case their partner-crew drops out of the competition for any reason. If the number of crews is uneven, we will provide the team with our crew, created by the Organizers for that purpose. It will be an off-prize crew, whose role will consist only in substituting a partner-crew in order to fulfill the race tasks.

Just as it was in the previous race, to define the winner of the Golden Prize we will not select the best teams by the stage results, but eliminate the teams that will not pass into the next stage of the competition. Only 8 crews will have the chance to fight for the Expedition Gold at the final step the final challenging point. This year we will have 5 off-road Challenging Points:

  1. CP "Khibini" snow-and-ice off road task;
  2. CP "Ekaterinburg" snow-and-ice off-road trial;
  3. CP "Baikal" ice task;
  4. CP "Chita" snow-and-ice trial;
  5. P "Golden Surprize" at the Khabarovsk Vladivostok stage.

Besides CP, there will be time-separated off-road starts during the longest race stages in Khabarovsk on the ice-hammocks of the Amur, and in Novosibirsk.

The elimination of the teams wont be happening according to the results, shown at the Challenging Points, but the results shown at the whole stages. But the teams taking the last places at the CPs will become the first candidates for elimination. They will have a chance to remain in the race only if they finish up the stage among the winners with the best results. It is a new rule of the Race the team gets the chance to prove that their failure at the CP was only an unfortunate accident.

The prolonged competitive stages tasks will be based on the Art of Navigation project we have more than 500 points of historical and cultural importance spread along the whole route. The rules and conditions, according to which the racers will search for the Art of Navigation points, will be announced only before the start of each stage.

The race will also contain elements of classical navigation and our specials controlled penalty zones, train chase, communication with the locals in order to get the necessary information.

In case the team drops out of the Golden Pass, it may still continue the race fighting for the Art of Navigation or Expedition prize. So the off-golden-prize team will drive the prolonged stages on the same conditions as the winning teams. But the teams that dropped out will not be able to pass the CPs.

To keep the teams, fighting for different prizes, equal in rights, we developed a special procedure: the teams that fell out of the main Pass will choose a team, thats still in the Golden Pass at captains briefings. They receive the task for the stage together, after the latter team passes the CP.

As in the previous year, there will be neither penalty points nor accumulated advantages. There will be no protest system, as it is in sport. We dont judge or punish you, we only create conditions that identify the best of you. From the very beginning till the very end it is your adventure.

The stages of the Expedition Trophy Race that comply the Golden Pass and the dates are the following:

  • 1st stage. 23-24 Feb 2006. Murmansk St. Petersburg. CP on Kola peninsula. Meeting point: St. Petersburg.

  • 2nd Stage. February 24-25. St. Petersburg Moscow. Meeting point: Moscow.

  • 3rd Stage. February 25-27. Moscow Perm. Meeting point: Perm.

  • 4th Stage. February 28 March 2. Perm Novosibirsk. Challenging point: Feb 28 Ekaterinburg. Meeting point: Novosibirsk.

  • 5th Stage. March 2-3. Novosibirsk Irkutsk. Meeting point: Olkhon (Lake Baikal).

  • 6th Stage. March 4-5. Olkhon Chita. Challenging point: the ice of Baikal. Meeting point: Chita.

  • 7th Stage. March 7-8. Khabarovsk Vladivostok. Challenging point: March 5 Chita. Meeting point: Khabarovsk.

  • 8th Stage. March 8. Challenging point Khabarovsk Vladivostok. Finish.

Stages of the Art of Navigation Pass:

  1. Murmansk St. Petersburg;
  2. St. Petersburg Moscow;
  3. Moscow Perm;
  4. Perm Novosibirsk;
  5. Novosibirsk Irkutsk;
  6. The Ice of Baikal Chita;
  7. Khabarovsk -Vladivostok.



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