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Tours to the Start, the Finish and the Baikal stage of Expedition-Trophy 2006

03.02.2006 17:15

For those who can not take part in the trophy, but wish to see at least some of its stages, we come up with short tours to the most spectacular moments of the race: the start, the finish and the Baikal stage.

We hope you can join us at least for 3-4 days and watch one of the greatest adventures in the world!



The trophy starts on the Kola Peninsula, in the outmost North-West of Russia. Here, in Murmansk, several official events dedicated to the Expedition-trophy 2006 will take place; here you will witness the column of jeeps starting off in the morning of Februay 23d. On the eve Nazareth group will greet the participants and guests of the trophy. We invite you to travel to Murmansk with us!

Dates:  February 22 24, 2006

Cities: Moscow Murmansk Khibini Moscow


Day 1. February 22. Moscow Murmansk.

01:05 pm: Flight Moscow Murmansk by Aeroflot-Nord.

03:25 pm: Arrival in Murmansk. Transfer to the hotel Meridian***, accommodation.

Transfer to the Ice Palace, where official pre-start events will be held.

05:00 pm: Press-conference: organizers greetings, welcoming remarks of the local administration, introduction of the teams.

08:00 pm: Welcome dinner and concert of the famous group Nazareth.


Day 2. February 23. Murmansk Khibini mountains.

Breakfast at the hotel.

08:00 am: Transfers of organizers, journalists and guests to the lighthouse.

08:45 am: Starting ceremony.

09:00 am: The start of Expedition-Trophy 2006.

09:10 am: Transfer to the challenging point Khibini located in the mountains of Kola peninsula.

01:00 pm: Pre-start briefing of the challenging point.

02:00-04:00 pm: Watching competitions. After the finish the teams start for Murmansk-St. Petersburg stage of the race.

04:30 pm: Transfer of the guests and journalists to Murmansk.

Free time.


Day 3. February 24. Murmansk Moscow.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the airport.

04:30 pm: Flight Murmansk Moscow. Arrival at 06:50 pm.


Tour price per person: $770

* You may travel from Moscow to Murmansk by train, in this case the total tour price is $500. Departure from Moscow February 21 at 00:30 am, arrival in Murmansk February 22 at 01:33 pm. Return trip is February 23 at 05:37 pm, arrival in Moscow February 25 at 06:54 am.



  • Return flight Moscow-Murmansk, economy class;
  • Accommodation at the hotel Meridian*** in Murmansk, standard room (sgl or dbl);
  • Breakfast at the hotel;
  • Welcome dinner in Murmansk;
  • Tickets for the Nazareth concert;
  • Transportation to the places of official events;
  • Transportation to Khibini challenging point and back;
  • Entrance to all official events;
  • Airport transfers in Murmansk.



The challenging point on the ice of Baikal lake deserves special attention. It will be held on the island of Olkhon one of the most picturesque places in Baikal area. But the return way from the Olkhon to Ulan-Ude is not less interesting: it runs across the ice of the deepest continental fresh water reservoir on the Earth, and this alone makes this trip unique. We invite you to visit Baikal with us!

Dates: March 2-5, 2006

Cities: Moscow Irkutsk Ulan-Ude Moscow


Day 1. March 2. Moscow.

09:15 pm: Flight Moscow Irkutsk by Siberia airlines.


Day 2. March 3. Irkutsk.

07:35 am: Arrival in Irkutsk. Transfer to the hotel Delta****. Accommodation.

03:30 pm: Transfer of organizers, journalists and guests from the railway station to Sibexpocenter where the finish of Novosibirsk-Irkutsk stage will take place. Watching the finish.

04:30-05:30 pm: Press conference in Sibexpocenter. The jeeps start for Olkhon by the ice of Baikal lake.

06:00-07:00 pm: Dinner for organizers, journalists and guests.

07:00 pm: Transfer to Olkhon island along the shore of Baikal.

00:00 am: Accommodation in Olkhon. Overnight.


Day 3. March 4. Baikal.

08:00 am: Pre-start briefing of the challenging point that will be held on the ice of Baikal lake near Khuzhir settlement.

09:00 am: Watching the challenging point.

12:00 pm: All teams start moving along the ice of Baikal lake accompanied by the Ice Captains.

Transfer of journalists and guests by the ice road from Olkhon to Ulan-Ude.

Arrival in Ulan-Ude. Accommodation at the hotel..


Day 4. March 5. Ulan-Ude.

Breakfast at the hotel.

07:30 am: Transfer to the airport.

10:05 am: Flight Ulan-Ude-Moscow by Siberia Airlines. Arrival at 11:10 am.


Tour price per person: $980



  • Flight Moscow-Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude-Moscow, economy class
  • Accommodation at the hotel Delta in Irkutsk, standard room
  • Accommodation at the tourist base on Olkhon island
  • Accommodation at the hotel in Ulan-Ude
  • Breakfasts at the hotel
  • Dinner in Irkutsk
  • Transportation to the places of official events
  • Transfer from Irkutsk to Olkhon along the shore of Baikal lake and from Olkhon to Ulan-Ude by the ice of Baikal.
  • Entrance to all official events
  • Airport transfers in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude



The culmination of the Murmansk Vladivostok race is naturally its finish. We offer you to make a unique trip to Vladivostok where you may witness the decisive challenging point of the trophy. This very point will define the winner, who will get the main prize. You will also have a chance to communicate with the organizers and participants of the race, take part in the celebration of its ending and simply visit the Far East of our great country.

Dates:  March 6 9, 2006

Cities: Moscow Vladivostok Moscow


Day 1. March 6. Moscow.

07:10 pm: Flight Moscow Vladivostok by Aeroflot.


Day 2. March 7. Vladivostok.

10:50 am: Arrival in Vladivostok. Transfer to the hotel Gavan***. Accommodation.

Free time. Upon request alternative sightseeing program may be offered for the guests in Vladivostok.


Day 3. March 8. Vladivostok.

Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning train Expedition with organizers and journalists will arrive.

08:00 am: Transfer from the hotel to the trophy finish point.

09:00 am: Watching the finish of Khabarovsk-Vladivostok state.

01:00 pm: Pre-start briefing of the last, the most culminating challenging point of Expedition-trophy 2006: Golden challenging point.

02:00 03:00 pm: The last play-off. Determination of the winner of the Golden challenging point.

03:00 pm: Transfer of organizers, journalists and guests to the lighthouse where winners will be honored.

06:00 pm: Transfer of organizers, journalists and guests to the hotel Gavan.

07:00 pm: Press-conference at the hotel: organizers speech, video materials show, honor of the winners of the Golden Challenging point, Cultural navigation and Expedition prize.

Farewell concert and dinner.


Day 4. March 9. Vladivostok. Departure.

Breakfast at the hotel.

11:00 am: Transfer to the airport.

13:30: Flight Vladivostok-Moscow by Aeroflot.


Tour price per person: $1,099



Return flight Moscow-Vladivostok, economy class

Accommodation at the hotel Gavan, standard room

Breakfasts at the hotel

Farewell dinner on March 8th

Transportation to the places of official events

Entrance to all official events

Airport transfers in Vladivostok


Upon request sightseeing excursions can be added to all programs. You may change arrival and departure dates if needed.


All prices are valid in case of special airfare tariffs availability.


With all inquires please contact Elena Nikolaeva, tel. +7-495-788-9691, +7-916-155-5648. lena_n@dorogi.ru.


For those who want to observe the whole race, we offer a unique opportunity to travel with us in a private train from Moscow to Vladivostok. During the journey you will be able to follow the trophy, watch all challenging points and talk to the organizers and participants of the most outstanding jeep competition in the world. We are looking forward to receiving your tour inquires!



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