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The "Expedition-Trophy" Race is a very dynamic event. So we do our best to cover it in real time. Follow the news!

Tours to the Start, the Finish and the Baikal stage of Expedition-Trophy 2006
03.02.2006 17:15

For those who can not take part in the trophy, but wish to see at least some of its stages, we come up with short tours to the most spectacular moments of the race: the start, the finish and the Baikal stage. 

Open Letter to All the Participants of the Expedition Trophy Race
24.01.2006 12:50

With the beginning of the New Year we all started to feel time run faster. Now it is the moment to reveal a little what awaits you, participants, in the new adventure named Expedition Trophy 2006". 

On the 11th of February 2006, 12 days before the start, the Race Participants will get their car keys
23.01.2006 17:45

The second transcontinental off-road race Expedition trophy 2006 will start off on February 23rd 2006. The basic difference of this year race is the opportunity for the participants to drive not only their own vehicles, but also ones provided by the Organizers. 

"Expedition-TV" to launch in February 2006 as Internet-telechannel
12.12.2005 19:00

In a round-the-clock mode, news, films and transmissions about various projects of "Expedition" will be transmitted. 

Famous traveller Fyodor Konyukhov shows great interest in Expedition Trophy
06.12.2005 15:50

Well, no wonder. For such a project has never existed either in Russia, or the rest of the world. To drive through 16 thousand kilometers of winter roads within the track corridor of 800 km is a job for true adventurers only. 

The Selection Round in Czech Republic
30.11.2005 16:45

Three teams from the Czech Republic, each consisting of two men and one woman, have won free places in the Expedition-Trophy 2006 race. 

Selection rounds for "Expedition-Trophy 2006" race have ended
30.11.2005 16:15

The organisers of the "Expedition-Trophy" race announced the end of Preliminary Rounds for the 2006 race. 

How does Expedition-Trophy 2006 differ from Expedition-Trophy 2005?
30.11.2005 16:00

In 2006 there are some differences, which will make the Trophy competition even more interesting. 

Cars in the Race the headquarters started preparations
30.11.2005 13:00

All the cars provided by Organizers will be specially equipped for off-road race, for extremely tough winter conditions. Organizers started to prepare Mitsubishi L200. 

Situation at Tuesday, 29 November 2005
30.11.2005 12:00

Interaction between media on the support train and Expedition-Trophy" Race. 

News about the First Race find at the "Expedition-Trophy 2005" web-site.

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